Ballet Conservatory 

Ballet Conservatory of Independence Invites you to join us for a wonderful experience in the art of Dance

Youth gain Self Esteem

Participate in Performance

Royal Academy of Dance Elite

Feel Alive and Well 

of Independence

Why Ballet ?

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Being physically active and mentally awake with Ballet provides a greater sense of wellbeing and energy for life..

The Royal Academy of Dance exists to promote the knowledge, understanding and practice of dance internationally.

We strive to provide a safe, fun, and positive environment for your dancer to explore and enjoy the art of dance. This includes age appropriate and clean music, modest costuming and attire, as well as a professional staff

These classes are offered to developed students and help gain more flexibility and strength as well as learning different styles of dancing support self esteem..

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Mon 6pm-8pm

Tues 6pm-8pm

Wed 6pm-8pm

Thurs 6pm-8pm

Friday 6pm-8pm

Sat 10am-2pm

Sunday Closed

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